About Us

Artisan Camper sauces were developed over years of travelling around in our Campervan. Cooking in small spaces demands big flavours that are versatile with a number of types of dish when you haven't got the time or the space, or don't want the expense of sourcing and preparing all of the ingredients to make your own. So we introduced Artisan Camper comprising of our favourite chilli sauce recipes in handy 100ml sized bottles, perfect for travelling in a motorhome, when camping or caravanning as they don't take up all of your storage room yet they are big bold flavours which will last for several uses and won't be hanging around in your at the back of your fridge for months.

We had worked in a food business for sometime developing knowledge of flavours and testing different combinations when we were on our travels. Artisan Camper was founded in 2019 and we are based in Staffordshire, though many of our flavours were tried, tested and developed on our travels around the UK.